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Q. What is functional analysis?
Q. Do I need all the instrumentation to be a member of the ICNOG?
A. No. Neuromuscular concepts make the difference. Membership is free. Once you understand the neuromuscular diagnosis and treatment procedure, you can decide to become a neuromuscular practitioner or not.
Q. I’m a student, can I sign up for the ICNOG?
A. Yes. No Fee for students.You can attend our courses free of charge if you are frequenting you last year in dental school.You will be charged only for
registration fees.
Q. What does ICNOG provide for its members?
A. We gather research information in one general database. Through us you can look-up publications and more and we will send you an e-mail with what we’ve got. Actively take part in making our database grow by sending us information you think important.
We run this website.
We assist you if you need help with your cases : send us photos-Kinesiographic tracings-and radiologic records and our team will send you promptly a suggestion.
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